The purpose of this project was to utilize two servo motors, an infrared sensor, and Arduino board to produce a plot, and eventually a visualization of two objects of known, well-defined geometry.
To create an effective visualization of its surroundings, the IR sensor needed to be able to observe its surroundings without much hindrance. The design I chose to achieve this was a simple tilt-pan mechanism.
To visualize the input that we receive from the IR sensor, the data was sent to a python script that would convert the data points from a spherical to cartesian format, so it is viewable by an xyz plane graph. This would serve as the output of a scan.
My responsibilities for this project revolved around the mounting and attachment of the IR sensor to the two servo-motors. The sensor had to be functioning on a a swivel, and therefore required mounts to effectively move as per the Arduino's commands.
SolidWorks CAD and FDM 3D printing was utilized to design a mount capable of keeping the structure upright, in addition to attachments that would keep the IR sensor firmly attached to the servo-motors.
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