The goal of this project is to determine whether or not the brake disc equipped on the Olin Electric Motorsports Mk.5 vehicle is adequate in its heat dispersing properties to safely drive at its competition.
Regardless of its effectiveness, my goal is to create a new pattern on these brake discs that optimizes heat dispersion while still maximizing surface area for brake pads to adhere to. As a secondary goal, I will try and keep the brake discs as lightweight as possible to minimize vehicle weight.​​​​​​​
Among the five different patterns of brake discs I designed, I was unfortunately unable to find a "winner" that accomplished the goals that I had set out to do.
However, it was interesting to observe SolidWorks FEA's capability of simulating the distribution of thermal energy of the discs under braking.
If I had more time, I would revisit this project to find the "sweet spot" between exposed surface area, material mass, and heat capacity.
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